How all started

How it all started.

Xploy was born with the global need of an alternative business model that works in today’s world and the growth of an exemplary employee in Xploy’s corporate office. The CEO and this valued team member created an idea that developed into what today is the 360 outsourcing solution known as Xploy.

Who we are

We are an outsourcing company focused on the needs of small and medium businesses that seek professional, talented individuals in an array of fields such as: bookkeeping, Executive assistant, architecture and many more…
How all started
How all started

Our goals

To be renowned as a benchmark for quality, customized service and technical solutions that build long lasting relationships with our clients, providing them with business solutions. Ensuring all necessary equipment, tools and a proactive, self-sufficient team of specialists that will satisfy our client’s demands and grow until becoming their best option in outsource.

Our Methodology

To serve as a bridge and connect you to the right specialists that will deliver effective solutions, trustworthy work and all based on your needs and goals.
How all started